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July 2019
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My event calendar application, written in Classic ASP with an MS Access database, works well with my photo gallery application (and as a stand alone event calendar) and supports recurring events for weekly • every other week • annual • first, second, third, fourth and last weekday of a month • and first, second, third, fourth and last weekday of a month annually. Calendar pages have mouse over balloons for each event.

In future updates, I intend to include an event search, an event reminder and dates for special holidays like Mardi Gras and Easter. I'll include a link here to the admin section soon.

Moon's Age: 18 Days • Today's Phase: Waning Gibbous. There are currently 11 events listed for July 2019, 0 for today. For fun I've added some food holidays throughout the year that tie in nicely with some of the food photos I've taken. Hope you enjoy them :) BTW, there are only 158 days left until Christmas :p
New Orleans skyline
full moon
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