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My photo gallery application, written in Classic ASP with an MS Access database, makes good use of Persits' AspUpload & AspJpeg server components to dynamically generate color, grayscale & sepia tone photos, crop & sharpen thumbnails, add watermarks, and resize images, all on the fly. For HTML 5 browsers, I used a single upload form field for selecting multiple files at once. For HTML 4 browsers, I included multiple upload form fields. There are no limits on the number of categories, photos or albums, but displaying anything over 200 thumbnails at a time without lowering the quality of the thumbnails may be slow for the end user. I also preserved some metacontent in the image files on upload to display on the image during a mouseover event.

In future updates, I intend to write an AJAX version and a choice of slideshows to view the full size photos. I'll include a link here to the admin section soon.

There are 5,403 photos in 106 photo albums in my photo gallery, so go have a peek-see :)
Ceasars Palace, Las Vegas - January 2010
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