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Edit Page Width, Photos, Text & Graphics Colors ( 16,777,216 colors and 3 photo modes )
You can view this site in different colors other than the ones you're viewing now by clicking on any of the text fields in the "New" column (below left) to select a new color for text, links, menu buttons and graphics. If you're a geek like me, you can enter any of the 16,777,216 hex colors you like into each field. If that's too geeky for you, click on any of the color combinations (below right). * Indicates default color scheme. You can also set the page width (bottom left) and select Color, Grayscale and Sepia Tone photos (bottom right).

Create Your Own Color Combination

New   Current
Heading (H1):
Button Text & Graphics:
Button Borders MouseOver:
Button Borders MouseDown:
Top Lines, Bottom Lines & Drip:
Title Bar Background:
Title Bar Text:
*Opacity: 50%    Splat:

Or Choose One of These

Page Width

Choose narrow or wide.
» Narrow « (728 pixels)
Wide (910 pixels)

Photograph Types

The photographs and images in my gallery and elsewhere on this site can be viewed in three different modes: » Color «, Grayscale and Sepia Tone.

728 910
line line
Color Gray Sepia
line line line
Site Settings
You are viewing Default Page Width (728 pixels wide).
Switch to Wide Page Width (910 pixels wide).
You are viewing Color Photographs and Images.
Switch to Grayscale Photographs and Images.
Switch to Sepia Tone Photographs and Images.
Edit this site's text & graphics colors to your liking.
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